The Payback of an Energy Star Built Green Home - Save Immediately!

A greener more energy efficient home is a greener bank account

Do you know the payback period of a high-performance, energy-efficient home? 5 years? 10 years?

Actually, with proper planning and financing, the payback begins IMMEDIATELY! Even if a green builder charges for more energy-efficient features (which Built Green does not), you will still save right away. How does it work?

Consider this example: adding a few thousand to your mortgage for extra insulation will add little to your monthly mortgage payment, but you can plan on saving more per month in reduced energy costs.

Save with Built Green
Energy-efficiency makes as much sense economically as it does environmentally
Our homes will cut your power bill to half that of homes of similar size. Over time, you will save tens of thousands, if energy prices remain at today's level. If energy prices rise as expected, so do your savings.

What does a Built Green home mean to my family?

Saves Money - Your new Built Green home's power bill will be a minimum of 30% less than other comparable homes.

Less Maintenance - Your new Built Green home will be more durable, last longer, and require less work to maintain which gives your family more time together.

More Comfortable - Your new Built Green home will be cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. This makes your home more enjoyable.

More Healthy - Your new Built Green home will be healthier and safer to live in because of increased indoor air quality. The leading cause of asthma in children today is the homes they live in.

Peace of Mind - You may only be one family but everyone has to do their part in protecting the environment. Your new Built Green home emits far less greenhouse gasses helping not only your family but everyone.

Smart investment - Your new Built Green Energy Star certified home will be not only less expensive to operate but more valuable when it comes time for resale.