The Building Process

Custom Home Builders in Salisbury, NC

Building a new home can sometimes feel overwhelming. There are so many choices to consider and decisions to be made. You might be asking yourself if building a home is the right thing for you and your family. If you are asking this question, chances are there are many other questions going through your mind. This section is designed to answer some of the more frequently asked questions. We hear them all the time from prospective customers and hopefully you will find value in the wisdom that we share here.

How long have you been building?

The management team at Built Green has more than 50 years of residential building experience. That expertise includes construction of hundreds of single family homes in Rowan and surrounding counties.

What sets you apart from other builders?

Built Green is different from other home builders. We have a relentless commitment to leading the way in home building innovation. It means blending unsurpassed energy efficient technology and sustainable building materials with homes that are gorgeously designed, healthy for occupants, and amazingly comfortable. We have a created a building process that's enjoyable for everyone who is involved. We bend over backwards to provide exceptional customer service, ongoing communication, and great listening skills.

Can I custom design my home?

Absolutely! You can bring in your plans, choose one of our plans or start from scratch with our architect.

Do you have a design center?

Yes, our design center is conveniently located in our model home. We can guide you through the entire selection process for your custom home.

Can you provide references from customers, suppliers and other corporate partners?

Absolutely! Our customers, suppliers and other corporate partners have confidence in our expertise and history of delivering on our promises. The Built Green team is prepared to earn your confidence. We would be honored to be selected as your builder.

What is the average build time?

Most all of our homes are completed within 120-150 days. This can vary depending on the size of the home, the market and availability of materials. From the first meeting with you to the last drop of paint, we effectively manage all components of your new home construction while staying in ongoing communication with you. Our goal is to keep your project on time and on budget.

Does building a green and energy efficient cost more?

Construction of a green and energy efficient home can cost 3%-5% more than traditional construction techniques. However, building according to green and energy efficient guidelines can actually save you money through a reduction in your utility bills, ranging from 30-40% per year. Building to these guidelines can actually increase your monthly cash flow.

Will I receive a complete and clearly written contract?

Built Green provides a detailed contract to each one of our customers. We want to ensure that all parties involved have crystal clarity as to the specifications of the project. Our team schedules a meeting with each customer to discuss and review their contract and description of materials. During that time, we encourage our customers to ask lots of questions to ensure that they understand each component of their home and the construction process overall.