At Built Green we understand the importance of providing an exceptional buying and building experience for realtors and their clients based on respect and trust. Our goal is to become your favorite home builder where you can count on an incredible level of customer service every time you walk through our doors.

Our team understands that the home buying process begins with you and your home buyer and ends with our reputation. From contract to keys, our committed and knowledgeable staff strives to create the very best experience during the entire buying and building process.

You can also be assured that every Built Green home is designed and built with quality craftsmanship and that we will provide endless option choices to meet a buyer's personal needs. Not only will your buyers be happy, but you will too!

As a real estate professional we want you to know that you can be confident in recommending a Built Green home to one of your clients. We consistently deliver stunning cutting edge homes at amazing prices and Built Green has been recognized as one of the elite home builders in the area.

Built Green offers more incentives than any other builder to our preferred realtors with commission earnings up to 6%. As you continue to sell our homes other incentive bonuses are available.

Call today for more details and start earning the commissions you deserve.