Do any of these scenarios apply to you?

  • We want to build, but need to sell existing home
  • We want to build, but our credit is not the best
  • We want to build, but we can't afford to

We say you can't afford not to. Layaway your home today and save thousands. Take advantage of Built Green's exclusive custom built green/energy efficient layaway plan today.

Built Green is proud to offer a unique plan to make homeownership easy and affordable. Everyone is familiar with the concept of layaway, but have you ever considered this as an option when buying a new home? If you know you want to purchase a home, and are ready to lock in the purchase price, our layaway plan is the best option for you.

We make it easy at Built Green to make your dreams of home ownership become a reality. The first step in the process is to make a decision on a plan. You will have the opportunity to work with our architect to customize your new home to meet all your wants and needs. Next, you will determine a location for your new custom home. Once these two items have been completed, a detailed budget will be compiled by the Built Green team.

The layaway plan is simple and will only require a 2% down payment based on the price of your new custom home. This 2% will protect the terms of the agreement and freezes your home materials at current prices for a period of six months. Because we are in tune with customer needs, we offer you this opportunity to commit to your dreams and save a great deal in the process.

Here are some key facts about our layaway plan:

  1. If you need to sell a home, we can help you. Lock in your price today with only 2% down payment and we will assist you in selling your home during that time.
  2. The 2% is fully credited against the price of your new custom home. Please note that this down payment is non-refundable. (Special situations are eligible for a refund. Please discuss those with a Built Green Team member.)
  3. You will receive a custom home plan designed to your specifications
  4. You will receive a detailed budget
  5. We will assist you with securing financing for your new custom home through one of our preferred lenders
  6. We will assist you with finding the perfect lot for your new custom home. We have access to hundreds of lots throughout the area

We are much more than a construction company. We are a full service custom home building company. Feel free to call any other builder and ask if they can meet these conditions, then give us a call for a free consultation at one of our model homes located near you.