1. Licensed realtor assistance with honest and accurate documentation of similar home comps, cost marketing analysis with professional pricing and aggressive marketing. This will enable our customers to sell your existing home as quickly and hopefully make a profit as well. We understand you are the owner and respect your ideas and opinions. We will only offer expert advice based on facts gathered from marketing analysis and other sales in your area.

2. We have access to the best property in the locations you want to be in. There are a large number of lots, property and even large acreage tracks throughout the county to choose from. Many of these we own or have exclusive building rights. If it's out there to find, we will find it for you. It's a unique feature that we offer as a building company, lot acquisition assistance.

3. An architect will custom draw your dream home with the options of adding furniture in the interior and car or boats in the garage to ensure they fit. We can even provide landscaping design with our custom designed plans. This is a standard feature for our customers and is also included for our customers who choose the layaway plan. We will begin the process by asking you to complete a room size sheet as well as a preliminary plan spec sheet. This is an important element for our staff to ensure the customer's home is designed according to their specific wants and needs. These custom design plans are yours to keep. So whether you are building a 1000 square foot home in a modest neighborhood or a 5,000 square foot lakefront home, at Built Green we value your wants and needs the same. We will emphasize quality in each home we have the privilege to build regardless of the size.

4. We will prepare a detailed budget to begin the process. At Built Green, we have set ourselves apart with a very unique and detailed budgeting of the homes we build. We refer to it as our comprehensive home budgeting worksheet. It's a budgeting system that takes all the worry out building any home. The system makes it impossible to miss anything or have the need for a change order. We generally don't every use them, because you don't ever need them. You will be provided an accurate and detailed budget on the home you want to build by a company that will stand behind their pricing.

5. A contract will be prepared based on the information from your budget, plans and spec sheets. We put everything in writing in respect to how your home will be built from the walls to the roof. We have every detail covered. Our contracts are available for your review, and you will agree that we have it all covered.

6. One of the most important steps to the process is your financing needs. Built Green works with many types of lenders including banks, mortgage brokers and even North Carolina independent mortgage lenders. We not only help you get the best rates available, but also ensure our customers don't pay too much PMI, mortgage interest, closing fees, attorney fees, appraisals and any other cost associated with securing financing for your new home. With so many types of loans available in lending today you must be very careful. We encourage you to review your mortgage application and when the time comes in the process, your closing statement, to verify accuracy and appropriate fees. At Built Green we are here to assist you in examining all your loan documents to assure you truly get the best rate and term depending on each person's financial situation. From construction loan to permanent financing we will be there to assist you.

7. Built Green works closely with a credit repair mortgage lender that will assist you to repair your existing credit and will develop a plan to secure approved lending within a designated amount of time depending on each customer's unique situation. Be assured that we are the only building company in the area that will take the time to assist people that are really serious about buying home. We will help you make those dreams of home ownership a reality.

8. The price of your home will be guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of your accepted contract. This price guarantee will remain in effect regardless of changes in material, labor, market, or property which are known to change without notice due to supply and demand.

9. Once your lot is secured, plans completed and your layaway plan agreement signed; we will simply wait on your home to sell or your financial situation to improve. As soon as you are ready, Built Green will build your custom green/energy efficient home within 120 days from the closing date of your loan. Typically we can complete the construction process within 90 to 100 days through scheduling and daily field management of your home. You will receive weekly reporting of your home's progress and scheduling so that you remain informed all through the construction process.

10. As a special bonus for our layaway plan participants, Built Green will reward you with a videography of your new home to share with your family and friends. This can also be later used as a selling tool should you decide to sell your house in the future and build again. We are confident that once you experience building with us that you will either want to build again or refer us to your friends and family. This video will be a great way to share and verify the quality construction of your home that truly sets it apart from other builders.

Take advantage today of Built Green's Layaway Plan today!