1. You must want to purchase a new custom built green/energy efficient home within the next 12 months.

2. You must commit to Built Green, Inc. as the builder for your new home. We are the only green/energy efficient builder in the area.

3. You must follow the plan set forth by Built Green, Inc. and the chosen lender to secure financing.

4. You must provide the needed information and documentation upon request from Built Green, Inc. and/or the approved lender we mutually agree to utilize for your financial needs.

5. You must maintain consistent and continued contact by phone, personal appearance, email, or fax during the layaway period. You must promptly report any changes in employment or any other issue that may concern your future home building status or lending approval.

6. You must be honest with all your wants, needs and financial abilities in respect to your home building plans and the ability to secure lending.

7. You must understand that the building of your new custom green/energy home is a process that is very complicated especially in today's diverse market of economic growth and extreme governmental mandated and controlled bureaucracy in respect to residential home building lending practices. Trust Built Green and allow our team of preferred lenders advise and assist you in this process. Prequalification can be obtained within three days of your initial application. To secure permanent financing can take up to 60 days to process through underwriting and final approval. We encourage you to allow extra time for this part of the process and to please be patient and understanding.

8. Built Green, Inc. will require a minimum of 2% down payment toward your new home contract which must be paid to enter the layaway agreement. Prior to receiving your detailed contract, Built Green will evaluate your wants, needs, construction design and the location (lot/property desired). This information will be compiled into a detailed written contract as part of the layaway agreement. For example: A 1500 square foot home in Rowan County subdivision, Energy Star certified, granite tops and hardwood floors throughout would sell for approximately $160,000.00. This would result in a $3200.00 down payment to be applied to the contract purchase price of your new home.

9. We offer a no risk guarantee. If you decide that you do not want to build or would rather use another builder for any reason, you will walk away with a set of plans, a detailed budget for price comparison and a Built Green contract to construct. The decision is always yours of who you would like to select to build your home however, we are very confident that once you compare our knowledge and quality to any other builder you will agree that Built Green is the only choice for your home building needs.

10. This deposit is non-refundable if you do in fact choose not to build for any reason or if you choose to have another contractor assist you with the building process. It is an agreement and deposit toward the construction of your new home once you are actually ready for the construction to begin or a final contract to be signed. This down payment will be deducted from the total contract price to build your home once the final contract to construct your home is signed. This can be done at any time during this process.

**Important Note**

This deposit does not in any way secure any lot in any subdivision without lot owner's approval. It does in fact however, give Built Green the bargaining right to assist you in securing the lot you desire for the best price. We will negotiate for you and attempt to hold the lot with a minimum deposit. It is our intent to secure you the lot you desire either by a full purchase offer or a minimal deposit by either the builder or buyer until further financing is achieved and secured.

We must receive a commitment letter from the lender of your choice to engage in the layaway plan. Completing the plans and the budget is time and labor intensive. Make the decision today and unlock the possibilities in owning a new custom home. Remember you have nothing to lose and everything to gain when you buy a Built Green home today!

I agree with the requirements and understand the Built Green, Inc. layaway plan process and will do the necessary things needed to secure my financing.