Getting Started

Customer Expectations of The Building Process With Built Green

The following will explain what you should expect as a customer when you decide to build a new home with Built Green. We have taken the time to create a schedule that will detail each phase of the process and the amount of time you should expect to receive from the Built Green Team.

We have compared this process to that of a courtship and outlined the process accordingly.

Blind Date: Also referred to as Initial Meeting

Average Time: 2-4 Hours

a) We will provide an introduction to our company that will include our history, credentials, and bio of the Built Green Team

b) Discuss the financing process and provide the handout of questions to ask a potential lender

c) Review of Built Green's in-depth pricing by square foot. This will provide an overall range of pricing for any size home. Please note that prices will vary depending upon finishes and other custom upgrades

d) Discuss and provide literature regarding the benefits of building an Energy Star home

e) Discuss and provide information on green building methods and products used in our custom homes

f) Review plans in desired square footage

g) Discuss the take-off process and how it allows Built Green to get precise pricing on each home

h) Review a sample Description of Materials to show the detail that goes into each home

i) Review a sample Contract in our easy to understand format

j) Discuss our Built Green warranty and also the availability of the 2-10 Home Warranty

k) Discuss the tax benefits of home ownership and tax credits available for various energy efficient products used in our homes

l) Provide copies of customer referrals and or letters of recommendation

m) Discuss customer wants, needs, location to build, background, desired price point, home importance

n) Provide a pre-qualification application to determine the next step in the process

Second Date: Meeting Two

Average Time: 1-2 Hours

a) Review the pre-qualification acceptance letter and or conditions and determine next step. (If credit repair is needed we can refer you to one of our preferred lenders to assist in this area.)

b) Answer any questions that may arise during this phase of the process

c) Discuss desired building areas. Determine locations, size and pricing based on your budget and any time constraints

d) Contact our preferred realtors to assist with the lot search

e) Begin the rough draft plan process

The Engagement: Meeting Three

Average Time: 1-2 Hours

a) Discuss and sign the Engagement Agreement

b) Collect the down payment which is typically 2% of the prequalification

c) Continue extensive lot search of which we will provide directions for your viewing

d) Lot selection and then Built Green begins negotiation to purchase lot

e) Work with architect on your custom home plan design (Please note that this process can take up to 30 days with revisions)

f) Once the plan is completed and approved we will prepare your custom home detailed budget

g) A material take-off will be requested with the completed plan (this generally takes 10 days for completion)

h) Once the take-off and budget is completed, the Description of Materials will be compiled (Approximately one day)

i) Prepare the contract for construction to begin

The Marriage: Construction Begins

Average Time: 90-120 Days

**Note** On lots we have or find in a timely fashion, construction can begin within approximately 60 days. Lenders required a completed plan (30 days), Description of Materials and Contract (12 days) and then approximately 30 days to send to underwriting to complete the processing of the construction loan. However, depending on the customer and situation we can, if needed begin the process within 30 days if it's a stock plan we have built before. Construction generally runs about 90 days with an additional 30 days to close although our contracts as for 120 days due to unexpected delays, inclement weather, or material issues.

a) Discuss and review the order of construction

b) Explain and review the draw schedule

c) Discuss the walk through inspections and appointed times to be on the job site

d) Review a sample punch list

e) Discuss Built Green's Home Warranty and the 2-10 Home Warranty if applicable

f) Provide a basic maintenance schedule for your new custom home

The Honeymoon: Moving in!

a) Step inside to see and feel the comfort and beauty of living in your new Built Green custom home

b) Enjoy having the most beautiful home in the neighborhood

c) Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter with the most efficient heating and cooling systems

d) Conserve water with WaterSense fixtures throughout the home

e) Enjoy lower utility bills with energy efficient construction

f) Your carbon footprint will be decreased with the use of sustainable materials throughout the home

g) Be at ease knowing that your home will maintain above average re-sell value

h) Move in with equity

i) Breathe easy in your Built Green healthy home